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Old, New?

Cool song. It has a really old school vibe to it. I like the use of the vocals.

tritonle responds:

Thanks for the feedback. The old school sounds are thanks to the 303/606/808.

I like

Cool track...very smooth. You are right it could use a little more mastering but it still has a very clean sound. Good work.


This song sound like it has some promise. Not really my style but you should keep working on it. One tip, try a multi-band compressor on the master channel and smooth out some of the low end in your mix.

IceMasterDlux responds:

Thanks for the review man! I am glad to see that someone reviewed already. I forgot to mention in the description that it really isn't mastered yet. I will try taking your advice though, it will probably increse the quality quite a bit. I am very glad that you liked it! That makes me happy! Thanks and God bless!
!IceMasterDlux ><>


I like the melodies and the odd time signature, I also like the drums. The tone and the mix of the guitar I don't like. Is it synth? it doesn't sound real.

SmackBuddy responds:

Yeah this is the synth version, not the real guitar recording.


I really like the fact you used some actual physical gear. I recognized that clap the second I heard it. I think you just inspired be to upload some of my live tracks. Cheers.


Your melodies are fine and good, your mix needs a lot of work however. The drums sound OK until the main synth line comes in then they get buried. Also you really need to fix your compression, I think that's a big part of the problem with your drums.

killamnjaro responds:

What do you mean my compression?

Nice guitar

I really like the guitar work. The drums leave a lot to be desired. If you must use electronically generated drums focus on the dynamics as much as the pattern (your patterns are good). For this type of music randomization of the individual drum hit velocity is vary important to make them sound more realistic. You might want to try chopping some analog loops and re-arranging them.

it's alright...

I like the compression you used.


I really like the melodies, however the tonality suggests a dark mood...but that's just my opinion. Good work.

insane12 responds:

Maybe you will see it after i explain it a bit more.

00:00 - 00:25 Another work day for machines on a munifacturing line. Doing the same thing over and over again.

00:25-00:34 One machine looks over at an area he hasnt looked at before and see another machine and falls in love with it.

00:34-00:43 The other machine looks back over and sees the other machine and also falls in love with him as well.

00:43 cutting out of the scenery while the two machines hold hands. Thats what i hear.


So is your bass line.

Prodigal responds:

Did I mention this is my first attempt on a dubstep? Oh, sorry, I didn't stress that out enough for ignorant people that point out the obvious.

EDIT: it's stressed out enough now, so you can go put a butt in your cock.


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